Questions Asked in IBPS PO Mains Exam Morning Shift-20th November 2016

Dear Readers, we are providing General Awareness and computer Questions asked in IBPS PO Mains exam Morning Shift of 20th November 2016.

General Awareness and computer Questions asked in IBPS PO Mains exam Morning Shift

1. Bhavanisagar Dam- Tamil Nadu
2. Bahamas capital- Nassau
3. Indravati National Park- Chhattisgarh state
4. The Sheikh Zayed Stadium is a cricket ground located in -----. - Abu Dhabi
5. What is the full form of BSBDA? - Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account
6. Name the political party launched by Irom Sharmila- People's resurgence and Justice Alliance(PRJA)
7. Who is the head of committee to promote card payments-Ratan P watal
8. NATO summit was held at- Poland
9. Typhoon Haima hit which country- Philippines
10. Antiwerp diamond situated in which country- Belgium
11. EFTPOS stands for- Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale
12. 22195 cr given for capitalization& for- 13 ailing public sector banks
13. CRR need for - CRR is a crucial monetary policy tool and is used for controlling money supply in an economy
14. Bermuda triangle in which ocean- North Atlantic Ocean
15. Corporation Bank Headquarter- Mangalore
16. Khaliko Pul was CM of- Arunachal Pradesh
17. Author of One Indian girl – Chetan Bhagat
18. 10,000 rs note demonetized in – 1978
19. OPEC headquarter – Vienna, Austria
20. International Conference on Voter Education was held in – New Delhi, India
21. Recently, Noble prize for economy was given to oliver Hart & Bengt Holmstrom has been awarded for their contribution of – Work on Contract Theory
22. Dalai lama has been bestowed with honorary citizeship by the city – Milan, Italy
23. Antwerp Diamond bank Head Qaurter – Antwerp, Belgium
24. Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Computer Questions Asked in IBPS PO Mains Exam Morning Shift-20th November 2016
1. First company to intrpduce Dataphones
2. IC chip first use in which generation

This time in computers focus on topics like history of computer, generation etc

More Questions Will be Updated Soon

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