Quant Quiz for IBPS 2017, India Post

1).The incomes of A and B are in the ratio of 2:3 and their expenditures are in the ratio of 1:3. If each of them saves RS.12000, find A’s income.
a) RS.20000
b) RS.24000
c) RS.8000
d) RS.16000
e) RS.12000

2).The length of a tree increases at the rate of 5% every year. If it is 20 feet high now, how much will it increase after three years?
a) 23.1525 ft
b) 4.1525 ft
c) 3.1525 ft
d) 6.2515 ft
e) None of these 
3).If A exceeds B by 80% and B is less than C by 20%, find the ratio of A to C.
a) 36:25
b) 25:29
c) 25:36
d) 29:36
e) 36.29

4).A man sells two articles for the same price-one on 25% gain and the other on 20% gain. If the first article costs RS.8000 then what will be the cost price of the second article?

a) RS.7330.63
b) RS.8333.33
c) RS.6333.33
d) RS.9333.33
e) RS.9000.53 
5).The difference between a 40% discount on RS.1000 and successive discounts of 30% and 5% on the same amount is
a) RS. 31
b) RS. 32
c) RS. 30
d) RS. 40
e) RS. 65 
6).A man takes a loan of RS.20000 partly from a bank at 8% pa and the remaining from another bank at 10% pa. He pays a total interest of RS.1900 per annum. The amount of loan taken from the first bank is
a) RS.7000
b) RS.10000
c) RS.15000
d) RS.7500
e) RS.5000 
7).If the interest is calculated half-yearly, the compound interest on RS.18000 at10% per annum at the end of 1(1/2) years is
a) RS.2700
b) RS.2037.5
c) RS.2043.7
d) RS.2837.5
e) RS.2187.5 
8).30 men working 16 hours per day make a dam in 20days. In how many days will 24 men working 20 hours per day make it?
a) 5 days
b) 10 days
c) 20 days
d) 25 days
e) 40 days

9).There are two leakages in the bottom of a cistern. Both together empty the cistern in 12 hours. If the first leakage alone empties it in 30 hours, then in how many hours will the second leakage alone empty it?
a) 20 hours
b) 25 hours
c) 30 hours
d) 15 hours
e) 12 hours

10).The diameter of a wheel of a vehicle is 56 cm. It completes 1000 rotations in 1 minute. Find the speed (in m/s) of the vehicle.

a) 29.33 m/s
b) 59.33 m/s
c) 58.66 m/s
d) 70 m/s
e) 29.33 m/s

1). Let the incomes of A and B be 2x and 3x respectively. Each of them saves RS.12000.
Now, (2x-12000)/ (3x-12000) =1/3
Or, 6x-36000=3x-12000 or, 3x=24000
Hence income of A=2x=8000×2= RS.16000
Answer: d)

2). Height of the tree now=20 feet Height of the tree after 3 years at the rate of 5% increase per year=20×(105/100)×(105/100)×(105/100) =23.1525 feet
∴ Required increase= (23.1525-20) feet=3.1525 feet
Answer: c)
3). Let C be 100, then B=80
∴A= (80×180)/100=144
∴ Required ratio=144:100=36:25
Answer: a)

4). If two articles bought on different prices, are sold for the same price at % gain or % loss, then
(CP of First article / CP of Second article)
= (100±% gain or loss on the second article / 100±% gain or loss on the first article)
Or, 8000 / x = (100+20) / (100+25) or, 8000/x = 120/125
∴ x= (8000×125) / 120
∴ x=RS.8333.33
Answer: b)

5). CP=RS.1000
SP at 40% discount= (100×60)/100=RS.600
∴ Discount=1000-600=400
SP at two successive discounts of 30% and 5%
=1000×(70/100)×(95/100) =RS.665
∴ Required difference=400-335=RS.65
Answer: e)

6). Let the loan taken from the first bank be RS. x.
Loan from the second bank= RS.(20000-x)
Interest of the first bank+ interest of the second bank=1900
Now,(x×8×1) / 100 + [(20000-x)×10×1] / 100=1900
Or, 8x+200000-10x =190000
or, 2x=10000
∴ x=RS.5000
Answer: e)

7). P=RS.18000
R=10% pa=(10/2)% half-yearly
∴r=5% half-yearly
Time will be double when interest is calculated half-yearly, ie 1(1/2) years × 2 = 3 years
Answer: d)

8). M1D1H1= M2D2H2
Now, 30×16×20=24×D×20
Or, D= (30×16×20) / (20×24)
∴ D =20 days
Answer: c)

9). Required time= (Product of both times / Difference of both times)
= (12×30) / (30-12)
= (12×30)/18 =20 hours
Answer: a)

10). Circumference of the wheel=2πr
=2× (22/7)× 28cm =176 cm
The distance covered by the wheel in 1 minute= (176×1000) cm =176000cm
Speed of the wheel=176000 / (60×100) m/s
≈29.33 m/s
Answer: c)