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Spotting Erros quiz for Railway,SSC CGL exam

Practice Spotting Erros quiz for Railway,SSC CGL exam, SSC 10+2 exam based on previous paper questions


1. (a) The table’s legs /(b) have been /(c) elaborately carved. /(d) No error.

2 (a) The sceneries /(b) of Kashmir /(c) is very charming. /(d) No error

3. (a) He/(b) takes pain /(c) over his work. /(d) No error

4. (a) My sister /(b) has read /(c) pages after pages of the Bible. /(d) No error

5. (a) I went to the temple /(b) with my parents, aunts /(c) and cousin sisters. /(d) No error

6. (a) The beautiful /(b) surrounding of the place /(c) enchanted me. /(d) No error

7 (a) The Manager put forward /(b) a number of criterions /(c) for the post. /(d) No error

8. (a) I like /(b) the poetries /(c) of Byron and Shelley. /(d) No error

9. (a) No Porter being available /(b) he carried /(c) all his luggages himself. /(d) No error

10. (a) When I entered the bedroom /(b) I saw a snake crawling /(c) on the ground. /(d) No error

Answers :-

1. (a); ‘Table’s legs’ should be changed into ‘legs of table’. ‘s’ is generally not used with non living things.

2. (a); Change ‘sceneries’ into ‘scenery’. Scenery is an uncountable noun.

3. (b);‘take pains’ is correct. It means ‘to work hard’.

4. (c); If a noun comes on the either side of a preposition, the noun will come in singular form. ‘Page after Page’ is correct.

5. (c); Change ‘cousin sisters’ into ‘cousins’

6. (b); Surrounding is the ‘ing’ form of verb ‘surround’. Use ‘Surroundings’. It means the area around someone or something.

7. (b); ‘Criteria’ is plural of ‘criterion’.

8. (b); ‘Poetry’ is an uncountable noun. Hence it is singular and it does not have any plural form.

9. (c); Change ‘luggages’ into ‘luggage’. It is an uncountable noun. Hence it must be in singular form.

10.(c); ‘Ground’ means the surface of earth. Change ‘ground’ into ‘floor’.

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