High Level Reasoning Quiz for SBI PO 2017

Directions (Q.1-5): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below :

Ten newly appointed minister of government of India, named of Arun Jaitely, Nejma Heptulla, Nirmala Sitaram, Rajnath Singh, Ramvilas Paswan, Venkaiah Naidu,Sadanand Gowda, Nitin Gadkari, Sushma Swaraj and Prakash Javedkar has taken foreign trip. All are going with different airlines. The name of the airlines are Fly Emirates, Air Asia, Lufthansa, Malaysian Airlines, British Airways, Kingfisher Airlines, Go Airways, Air India, Bhutan Airlines and Singapore Airlines, but not necessarily in the same order. All of the ministers are going to different destination. The destinations are Bangkok, UK, Singapore, Bhutan, Nepal, USA, Switzerland, Paataya, Malaysia and Colombo but not necessarily in the same order. No two ministers are going on the same destination.
There are seven gents and three ladies in the group.
A. Ramvilas Paswan is going to Bangkok by Air Asia.
B. Sushma Swaraj is not going to Colombo or Paataya.
C. Rajnath Singh is going by Fly Emirates. Venkaiah Naidu is going to Singapore by Go Airways.
D. Najma Heptulla is not going to Malaysia or Switzerland.
E. Sadanand Gowda is going to Paataya by British Airways.
F. The lady who is going to Switzerland has taken the Lufthansa Airline.
G. Prakash Javedkar is going to Malaysia by Kingfisher Airlines.
H. Nitin Gadkari going by Singapore Airlines and he is not going to UK or Nepal. The ladies is going to USA and travelling by Bhutan Airlines.
I. Nirmala Sitaram is going to Nepal and taken Malaysian Airlines.
J. The lady who is travelling by Bhutan Airlines is not going to Switzerland and the person who is travelling by Air India is going to Colombo.

1). Sushma Swaraj is travelling by which Airline ?
a) Go Airways
b) Air India
c) Lufthansa
d) Fly Emirates
e) None of these

2). Nitin Gadkari is travelling to which destination ?
a) Nepal
b) USA
c) Bhutan
d) Colombo
e) Switzerland

3). Prakash Javedkar is travelling by which Airline ?
a) Kingfisher
b) Singapore
c) Malaysian Airline
d) Fly Emirates
e) Air Asia

4). Which of the following combination is true ?
a) Rajnath Singh – UK
b) Venkaiah Naidu – Singapore
c) Nitin Gadkari – Bhutan
d) Najma Heptulla – USA
e) All of these

5). Rajnath Singh is travelling to which destination ?
a) USA
b) UK
c) Nepal
d) Bhutan
e) None of these

Directions (6-10): In each question below is given a statement followed by two assumptions numbered I and II. An assumption is something supposed or taken for granted. You have to consider the statement and the following assumptions and decide which of the assumptions is implicit in the statement.

Give answer
(a) if only assumption I is implicit.
(b) if only assumption II is implicit.
(c) if either assumption I or assumption II is implicit.
(d) if neither assumption I nor assumption II is implicit; and
(e) if both assumptions I and II are implicit.

Statement: If parking space is not available in office, park your vehicles in the mall and walk to the office.
I. The mall is at a walk able distance from the office.
II. The office does not allow visitors’ vehicles in its premises.

Statement: Farmers must immediately switch over to organic fertilizers from chemical fertilizers for better yield.
I. All the farmers use only chemical fertilizers.
II. Organic fertilizers are readily available to the farmers.

Statement: An advertisement by bank X – ‘Our interest rates for education loans are lower than those of any other bank.’
I. Some other banks also provide education loans
II. Interest rates charged on education loans are different for different banks.

Statement: For any kind of problem with your mobile phone, contact our helpdesk immediately.
I. Helpdesk has a solution to all kinds of problems related to mobile phones or will guide accordingly.
II. Unless the problem is reported immediately, it cannot be solved.

Statement: Use our medicine to fight the problem of obesity.
I. Other slimming medicines available in the market do not reduce weight.
II. Obesity cannot be controlled without medicines.


1). c)
2). c)
3). a)
4). e)
5). b)
S6. Ans.(a)
Sol. I is implicit because only then does the direction to walk make sense. II is not implicit as the statement makes no distinction between the members of the office and the visitors.

S7. Ans.(b)
Sol.I is not implicit because of the word “all”. II is implicit because only then does the appeal to switch over make sense.

S8. Ans.(e)
Sol. The comparison is possible only when I is assumed. Same for II.

S9. Ans.(a)
Sol. I is implicit because of the use of “any” in the statement. II is not implicit. It is possible that the problem can be solved even later. The instruction to contact “immediately” is only for the sake of convenience of the customer.

S10. Ans.(d)
Sol. I would be implicit if the statement said “Use only our medicine…”. Again, the instruction to use is only of an advisory nature, not mandatory. Hence II is not implicit.

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