IBPS PO Interview Experience 2017

Dear Readers, We are sharing IBPS PO-VI Interview Experience 2017 of our reader Ms. Shalini.

                              IBPS PO-V Interview Experience
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Interview Venue - Tourist bangalow, Agra

Interview Date- 02.02.2017, Morning Shift

When I opened the door all of them were discussing something among themselves.
Me : Excuse Me Sir…
Madam noticed me (smiled at me) and asked me to come in
I was carrying a file (original mark memos) with me.

M1 : He asked me to keep that file a side on the table.
Me: Gently I have kept the file on table and greeted them with a smile (Greeted once by maintaining eye contact with all male’s)
Good Morning Mam’ Good Morning Sir.

M2: He asked me to introduce yourself.
Me: I answered

M3: She asked me why i want to join Bank after B.tech?
Me: Answered

M4: Tell me about lucky grahak yojna?
Me:- Answered

M5: What are mobile wallets?
Me: Answered

M1: Tell me about BHIM aap?
Me: Answered

M2: How this year budget different from previous year budgets? When budget presented first time in India?
Me: Answered first question, but not able to answer second question

Then all said thank u, you can go
I wished them in polite manner once again, thank you mam ,thank you sir
Have a nice day all of you

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