SSC CGL 2017- General Awareness Questions Asked on 5th August 2017

Dear Readers, SSC CGL 2017 Exam started in August 2017 this year.This year, the exam is happening from 5th August 2017 to 24th August 2017. There are total 3 shifts of the exam i.e Shift I (10-11 am), Shift II (1.15-2.15 pm) & Shift III (4.15-5.15 pm).

SSC CGL 2017 Questions Asked 5th August 1st Shift – General Awareness

1. Name the Vice Chairman of NITI Ayog? – Arvind Panagriya (Note– He resigned recently, but will still remain in office till the 31st August 2017)

2. What is the SI Unit of Force? – Newton

3. Name the Grandson of Emperor Asoka? – Dashrath Maurya, Samprati & Satakarni

4. Which dynasty was followed by Tughlaq? – Sayed Dynasty

5. Resistance of Ideal Ammeter & Ideal Voltmeter

6. Minimum age of Vice President?-35 years

7. India & England match in 2016 held in which stadium?

8. Pannalal Ghosh is belongs to which instrument? – Flute

9. Who is the author of the Sellout Book? – Paul Beaty

10. What is the minimum age for Vice President? – 35 Years

11. Who was the son of Chandragupta Maurya? – Bindusara

12. Which dynasty came after Tughlaq? – Sayyid Dynasty

13. Ekuverin Military exercise between India and ? – Maldives

14. Duncan line passes through?

15. Unit of Pressure? – Pascal

16. SI unit of work? – Joule

17. SI unit of force? – Newton

18. What is Quo Waranto? –a writ or legal action requiring a person to show by what warrant an office or franchise is held, claimed, or exercised.

19. Who is inventor of Laser Printer? – Gary Starkweather

20. Rusting is process related with- Iron

21. Where is temple of Bhairava? – Mumbai, Maharashtra

22. Recently USA made which country as major defence partner? – India

23. Reverse Repo Rate?-The rate at which Reserve Bank of India borrows money from commercial banks within the country

24. How many member nominated by president in lok sabha? – 2 (Anglo Indian Community)

SSC CGL Questions Asked 5th August 2nd Shift – General Awareness

1. Which Indian cricketer to received Polly Umrigar award? – Virat Kohli

2. How many Fundamental Rights are listed in the Constitution?

3. Where is Patal Bhiarav Temple located? – Ujjain (MP).

4. Duncan Passage is a Strait in which Ocean – Indian Ocean.

5. Name the Inventor of Laser Printer. – Gary Keith Starkweather

6. The rate at which Reserve Bank of India borrows money from commercial banks within the country. It is called – Reverse Repo Rate.

7. The Cabinet mission came to India in which year? – 23 March 1946.

SSC CGL Questions Asked 5th August 3rd Shift – General Awareness

1. Name the 1st Viceroy of India?

2. Name the state having Lavni as their Folk dance? – Maharashtra

3. Mariana Trench is located in which Ocean? – The Pacific Ocean.

4. Which deficiency causes Anemia? – Iron

5. Sheikh Hasina belongs to which country? –Bangladesh

6. Which scheme was launched by Andhra Pradesh for Below Poverty Line people? –

7. Who is the inventor of X-ray? – Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen

8. Name the agent that makes the Blackboard black? –

9. No. of players in a Polo game. –

10. Chemical name of Dry Ice –solid form of carbon di oxide 

11. Nyayasutra Book was written by –Akṣapāda Gautama

12. ‘Azad Bachapan ki Aur’ book is written by –Kailash Satyarthi

13. Name the metal used as Galvanising agent. – Zinc

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