SSC CGL 2016- Geography Quiz for SSC

1. The intersecting lines drawn on maps and globes are
Ans- geographic grids

2. The temperature increases rapidly after
Ans- Ionosphere

3. The largest gulf in the world is
Ans- Gulf of Mexico

4. Which comet appears 76 years?
Ans- Hailey's

5. How much of the surface of the moon is visible from the earth?
Ans- about 59%

6. Light from the Nearest star reaches the earth in
Ans- 4.3 years

7. On Which days do the spring tides occur?
Ans- New Moon and Full Moon

8. Where is the doldrums belt located?
Ans- near the equator

9. The thickness of the Troposphere increases in
Ans- Summer

10. Farrel's Law is concerned with the
Ans- Directions of winds