Target SSC CGL 2016- Questions on Human Blood Set- 32

1.Which gas in air pollution can affect blood stream leading to death ?
Ans- Carbon monodioxide

2.  Human blood is a viscous fluid due to
Ans- Proteins in blood

3. What would happen if human blood becomes acidic ?
Ans- Oxygen-carrying capacity of haemoglobin is decrease

4. Normal human blood is :
Ans- Alkaline

5. The quantity of human blood is what percent of total weight ?
Ans- 7%

6. What is pH value of human blood ?
Ans- 7.4

7. After extracting fibrinogen and protien out  of plasma remaining plasma is called ____
Ans- Serum

8. On an average how many litres of blood a human body have ?
Ans- 5-6 litre

9. Non-clotting of blood is caused by deficiency of ?
Ans- Vitamin K

10. White blood corpuscles are used by our body ?
Ans- to combat infection

11. ____ blood protein regulates the amount of water in plasma ?
Ans- Albumin

12. What would happen to red blood cells if the haem group were removed from haemoglobin?
Ans- Red blood cells would not be able to bind oxygen.

13. The hormone erythropoietin stimulates red blood cell production in the red bone marrow. Where in the body is erythropoietin produced?
Ans-  Kidney

14. The formation of a blood clot is known as ___
Ans- Coagulation

15. Platelets are formed from what type of cell?
Ans- Megakaryocytes

16. An increased white blood cell count is indicative of which disease?
Ans- Leukaemia

17. Erythrocyte is another name for a:
 Ans- Red cell

18. The relatively clear liquid medium which carries the other cells of blood is called:
 Ans- Plasma

19. Which  are likely to increase in quantities when the body is under attack from bacteria?
 Ans- leukocytes

20. Blood group of human was discovered in 1900 by ____
Ans- Karl Landstiener

21. Which blood group is universal blood donor?
Ans- O Rh D negative

22. Which blood group is universal blood Recipient?
Ans- AB Rh D positive