Computer Notes- Application Software

Application software are end user programs that performs the real work for users. The application software sits on top of systems software because it is unable to run without the operating system and the system utilities.

 MS Word
 MS Excel
 MS Power Point
 MS Access

These all are collectively known as the Microsoft Office package.

MS Word is a word processing application and is one of the most important and widely used applications found on computer.

 Fast.
 Editing Features
 Permanent Storage
 Formatting Features
 Graphics
 OLE (Object Linking and Embedding)
 Alignment
 Deleting Mistakes
 Line Spacing
 Moving Cursor
 Naming a Document
 Page Breaks
 Find and Replace Thesaurus
 Indentation
 Header and Footer
 Page Orientation
 Spell Check
 Mail Merge
 Macros
 Layout issues
 Bullets and numbering
 Creating tables
 Auto Summarize
 Auto Correct
 Sub and superscript issues

 Remove background of Images
 Integration of Screen shot feature
 New Art Effects in Word Art
 Ligatures

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet-application written and distributed by Microsoft for Microsoft Windows and Mac as X. It features calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables and a macro programming language called VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).

Worksheet- Worksheet is a grid of cells made up of horizontal rows and vertical columns. Worksheet contains 65536 rows and 256 columns.

Row -Number Each row is given a number that identifies it, starts from 1, 2, 3, 4, ... so on.

Column -Letter Each column is given a letter that identifies it, starts from A ... Z, AA ... AZ, BA ... BZ, ... IA-IV.

Cell- Cell is a basic unit of worksheet where numbers, text, formulas ere, can be placed.

Cell Pointer- Cell Pointer is a cell-boundary that specifies which cell is active at that moment.

Current Cell -Current Cell is a cell which is active. Range of Cell It is a group of contiguous cells that forms a rectangular area in shape.

Work Book- A worksheet is a grid of cells made up of rows and columns. Multiple worksheets can be combined under a file known as work book.

Data in Worksheet Three types of data can be entered, numbers/characters (012345678 + – (), 1 $; %, E, e), text and formulas.

Formula -Formula is a sequence of values, cell address, names functions or operators in a cell that produces a new value from existing values.
Cell Referencing Each cell in worksheet has a unique address, when cell address is referred in formulas, it is called cell referencing.

Relative Referencing Cell referencing in which the cells are referred by their relative position in the worksheet relative to a particular cell.

Absolute referencing The cell referencing in which the cells are referred by their fixed position (absolute position) in the worksheet.

Mixed Referencing Combination of relative and absolute referencing is called mixed referencing.

Functions Functions are predefined formulas that perform calculations by using specific values, called arguments.

Arguments Arguments are the-values passed to the functions, using which the function carries out some task. It can be numbers, text, logical values, constants, formulas or other functions.

Structure The structure of a function begins with the function name, followed by an opening parenthesis, the arguments for the function separated by commas and a closing parenthesis.

Charts Charts/Graphs are the pictorial representation of worksheet data.

Area Chart An area chart emphasizes the magnitude of change over time.

Column Chart A column chart shows data-changes over a period of time or illustrates comparisons among item.

Bar Chart Bar Chart illustrates comparisons among individual items. Categories are organized vertically and values horizontally

Line Chart Line Chart shows trends in data at equal intervals. It is useful for depicting the change in a value over a period of time.

Pie Chart Pie Chart shows the proportional size of items that make up a data series to the sum of the items.

XY (Scatter) Chart XY Chart shows the relationships among the numeric values in several data series or plots two groups of numbers as series of XY coordinates.

 Quickly, intuitively filter large amounts of information using new slicer functionality and enhance your Pivot Table and Pivot Chart visual analysis.
 Easily customize the improved Ribbon to make the commands you need most accessible. Create custom tabs or even customize built-in tabs. With Excel 2010, you are in control.
 You can work with other people simultaneously on the same workbook in almost any web browser using Excel Web Application.
 Share Point Excel Services lets you share your easy-to-read workbooks in a web browser with your team while maintaining a single version of the workbook.
 It is much easier to create and manage your workbook- when you can work the way you want to work.

Programming Excel offers users the useful ability to write code using the programming language–Visual Basic for Application (YBA). Programmers write this code using an editor viewed separately from the spreadsheet.

Format Extension 

Excel Workbook .xlsx
Excel Macro-enabled Workbook .xlsm
Excel Binary Workbook .xlsb
Excel Macro-enabled Template .xltm
Excel Add-in .xlam

The application software that can create professional looking visual aids is called Presentation Graphics Software. The best form of visual images are graphics and pictures. A graphic object is any written or diagrammatic representation, like graphs, figures and diagrams.

 PowerPoint can create various presentations materials like; charts, graphics, slides, handouts, overheads etc.
 Power Point even creates slide shows, which are electronic presentations that you can run on your computer screen or a projection devices.

1. Entrance, emphasis and exit of elements on a slide itself are controlled by what PowerPoint calls Custom Animations.
2. Transitions, on the other hand are movements between slides. These can be animated in a variety of ways.
3. Custom animation can be used to create small storyboards by animating pictures to enter, exit or move.

 Use new and improved picture editing tools-including versalite artistic effects and advanced correction, colour and cropping tools-to finetune every picture in your presentation to look its absolute best.
 Add dynamic 3-D slide transitions and more realistic animation effects to grab your audience attention.
 Use new co-authoring capabilities to edit the same presentation, at the same time, with people in different locations. You can even communicate as you work, directly from PowerPoint.
 Easily customize the improved Ribbon to make the commands you need most accessible. Create custom tabs or even customize built-in tabs. With PowerPoint 2010, you are in control.
 In addition, PowerPoint 2010 enables you to work simultaneously with other people or post your presentation online and access it from virtually anywhere using the web or your smart phone.

 Knowing the level of knowledge of the audience towards the concept of presentation.
 To persuade the audience successfully, the user must not display more or less information than required.
 Using white spaces efficiently to set the things off.
 Not to including too much information on a slide or graphic.
 Using of text on a slide should be judiciously or self explanatory.
 Avoiding the colours that clash with each other.

 Title
 Subtitle
 Drawing Objects
 ClipArt and Pictures
 Slide Components Used for Reference
 Handouts
 Speaker Notes
 Outlines

Microsoft Office Access, previously known as Microsoft Access, is a relational database management system from Microsoft that combines the relational Microsoft Jet Database Engine with a graphical user interface and software development tools. Access is a member of the Microsoft Office suite of applications and is included in the professional and higher versions for windows and also sold separately.

Database Management System (DBMS): A database is a collection of data of a particular type. A DBMS is an organized collection of data viewed as a whole, instead of a group of separate unrelated file