Computer Quiz for SBI, UIICL and SBI PO

Dear Readers, we are presenting Computer Quiz for upcoming Bank Exams. Computer section play important role in scoring.

Computer Quiz

Try to solve these computer questions. If any doubt ask in comment section. We will provide more questions in upcoming posts.

1. Which of the following is used as a primary storage device?
A) Magnetic drum
B) Hard Disks
C) Floppy
D) All of above

2. Each model of a computer has a unique
A) Assembly of a computer
B) Machine language
C) High level language
D) All of the above

3. Which of the following is called low level languages?
A) Machine language
B) Assembly language
C) Both of the above
D) None of above

4. A term used to describe interconnected computer configuration is
A) Multiprogramming
B) Modulation
C) Multiprocessing
D) Micro program sequence

5. Which device is used to backup the data?
A) Floppy Disk
B) Tape
C) Network Drive
D) All of the above

6. ASCII and EBCDIC are the popular character coding systems. What does ASCII stand for?
A) American Stable Code for International Interchange
B) American Standard Case for Institutional Interchange
C) American Standard Code for Information Interchange
D) American Standard Code for Interchange Information

7. Which of the following is true?
A) Fields are composed of bytes
B) Records are composed of fields
C) Fields are composed of characters
D) All of above

8.What kind of server converts IP addresses to domain names?
a) File
b) DNS
c) Email
d) P2P
e) None of these

9.In the OSI model, the actual transmission of data is handled in the ____________ layer.
a) data link
b) physical
c) network
d) transport
e) none of these

10.What is the function of Recycle Bin?
a) Store deleted file
b) Store temporary file
c) Store corrupted file
d) Store Document file
e) None of these

1. A
2. B
3. C
4. A
5. D
6. C
7. D