Informal Letter Format for SBI PO Exam

Dear readers, In this post we will discus how to write informal letters.

There are mainly five points that have to be taken care of while writing a letter. These are –
(a) Heading
(b) The Salutation or courteous greetings
(c) Subject
(d) The Body of the letter – communication or the message
(e) The Subscription – courteous leave taking, or conclusion
(f) The Signature Name of the writer
Personal / Informal Letters
An informal / personal letter has six parts, besides the address on the envelope. These six parts are :
1. The address of the sender
2. The date
3. The salutation or greeting
4. The body of the letter (communication)
5. The subscription or complimentary close
6. The signature

Sample letter- Write a letter to your sister inviting her for the Felicitation Function at your college.

New Delhi.

16 June'14

Dear Apurva,

Subject- Iinvitation her for the Felicitation Function

I am sorry I couldn’t write to you for a long time. I had my fifth semester examination, so I couldn’t spare time. Only today I have finished my exams.From today we would be busy in making arrangements for our Felicitation Function. Being an autonomous college, this is our third year function. I would be receiving silver medal for having secured 2nd rank in the past examination. As I know, our parents cannot come owing to mother’s ill-health. I would be happy, atleast if you could attend the function and be with me for sometime.

His Highness, the Governor of Uttar Pradesh will give away the medals to the best students selected in the gala function.I will make arrangements for your accommodation.Expecting an early and favourable reply.

Yours lovingly