High Level Reasoning Quiz for SBI PO 2017 set-3

Direction (01 to 05): Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions.

Seven Persons - Jayant, Laxman, Praveen, Kiran, Hanush, Eswar and Okas live on seven different floors of a building but not necessarily in the same order. Lowermost floor is numbered 1. Each of them went to spend their vacations in one of the following destinations - Fiji, Corsica, Guyana, Caribbean, Mauritius, Madagascar and Hawaii. Each left on a different day of the week starting from Monday.
· Laxman lives on an odd numbered floor but not on floor number three and left on Monday
· The one who went to Guyana lives immediately above Okas who left on some day after Thursday
· The one who went to Fiji lives on an odd numbered floor above Eswar
· Hanush went to Hawaii and lives on the 4th floor
· Jayant lives on the floor above Hanush and left for Mauritius on Saturday
· The one who lives on top floor went to Caribbean and the person living on the bottom floor went to Madagascar but not on Monday. Praveen lives on an even numbered floor and left two days after the person who went to Corsica left.
· Kiran left on Tuesday

1). Who lives on the topmost floor?

a) Kiran
b) Jayant
c) Laxman
d) Praveen
e) None of the above

2). If Eswar left for his destination on Wednesday, then Okas left for his destination on?
a) Sunday
b) Wednesday
c) Thursday
d) Either Sunday or Wednesday
e) Can’t be determined

3). Who went to Corsica?
a) Laxman
b) Kiran
c) Eswar
d) Praveen
e) None of these

4). Who lives between the persons who went to Guyana and Hawaii?
a) The one who went on Friday
b) The one who went on Wednesday
c) Eswar
d) The person on the fifth floor
e) Either 2 or 3

5). Which destination was left by the person on Monday?
a) Caribbean
b) Fiji
c) Corsica
d) Guyana
e) Madagascar

Directions (Q. 6-10): Study the following information and answer the questions.

Seven friends namely, Vignesh, Harish, Gopal, Sukumar, Gokul, Sharma and Abdul attend different sports coaching namely, Cricket, Football, Hockey, Skating, Boxing, Tennis and Volley ball, not necessarily in the same order, from Monday to Sunday (of the same week). Vignesh attends a coaching on Friday. Only two people attend coaching between Vignesh and the one who is learning Skating. Sharma attends a coaching immediately before Sukumar, Neither Sharma nor Sukumar is learning Skating. Only one person attends a coaching between Sharma and the one who is learning Hockey. The one who is learning Hockey does not have a coaching on Monday. Harish attends a coaching immediately before the one who is learning Cricket. Vignesh is not learning Cricket. Only one person has a coaching between Sharma and Gokul. Gopal is learning Tennis. Only two people have coaching between Gopal and the one who is learning Boxing. Gokul is not learning Volley ball.

6). Which of the following sports is Gokul learning?
a) Football
b) Boxing
c) Skating
d) Hockey
e) None of these

7). Which of the following represent those who have sports coaching immediately before and immediately after Harish?
a) Sukumar, Vignesh
b) Gokul, Vignesh
c) Gokul, Sharma
d) Sharma, Sukumar
e) None of these

8). On which of the following days does Sukumar have a coaching?
a) Monday
b) Thursday
c) Wednesday
d) Tuesday
e) Sunday

9). As per the given arrangement Gokul is related to Boxing and Sharma is related to Volley ball in a certain way. To which of the following is Sukumar related to in the same way?

a) Skating
b) Cricket
c) Hockey
d) Football
e) None of these

10). Four of the following five form a group as per the given arrangement. Which of the following that does not belong to that group?
a) Gokul-Tuesday
b) Vignesh-Saturday
c) Abdul-Sunday
d) Harish-Thursday
e) Sukumar-Friday


Answers 6-10

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