Target SSC CGL 2016 -Science Quiz Set 11

Dear SSC Aspirants, practice General awareness questions for upcoming CGL 2016 and Railway recruitment board exam of 18000 vacancies. We will provide you various types of Quizzes for CGL 2016.

Practice General awareness and Current Affairs questions for CGL 2016 and Railway Board Recruitment.

 1. Potassium Permanganate is used to purify water. Which among the following properties of Potassium Permanganate helps in this work?
(a) Sterilizing
(b) Oxidizing
(c) Reducing
(d) Leaching

2. Which among the following is used in ripening of the fruits?
(a) Methane
(b) Ethylene
(c) Ethane
(d) Butane

3. Which among the following is a common salt in detergents?
(a) Sulphate
(b) Nitrate
(c) Sulphonate
(d) Carbonate

4. Which among the following is major component of Gobar Gas?
(a) Butane
(b) Ethane
(c) Methane
(d) Propane

5. Which among the following chemicals is used in photography?
(a) Silver Bromide
(b) Potassium Chloride
(c) Sodium Bromide
(d) Magnesium Chloride

6. When sulphur is heated with rubber, the process is commonly known as?
(a) Galvanization
(b) Sulphonation
(c) Vulcanization
(d) Hydrodesulfurization

7. Which among the following is a common end product of Anaerobic Respiration?
(a) Acetic Acid
(b) Carbonic Acid
(c) Lactic Acid
(d) Hydrochloric Acid

8. PVC is a polymer of?
(a) Propane
(b) Vinyl Chloride
(c) Styrene
(d) Carbonates

9. Carnotite is a mineral of which among the following metals?
(a) Lead
(b) Uranium
(c) Aluminium
(d) Iron

10.  India is the largest producer and consumer of–
(A) Tea
(B) Coffee
(C) Sugar
(D) Paddy

 1. b
2. b
3. c
4. c
5. a
6. c
7. c
8. b
9. b
10- A